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CollisionStrategy::Result Struct Reference

result of a single collision pair More...

#include <CollisionStrategy.hpp>


struct  CollisionPair
 a collision pair of More...

Public Member Functions

int getNrPrimTests ()
int getNrBVTests ()
void clear ()
 clear all result values

Public Attributes

ProximityModel::Ptr a
 reference to the first model
ProximityModel::Ptr b
 reference to the second model
rw::math::Transform3D< double > _aTb
 transformation from a to b
std::vector< CollisionPair_collisionPairs
 the collision pairs
std::vector< std::pair< int, int > > _geomPrimIds
 indices of triangles/primitives in geometry a and b that are colliding all colliding triangle indices are in this array also those that are from different geometries
int _nrBVTests
int _nrPrimTests

Detailed Description

result of a single collision pair

A collision result is one or all colliding triangles between two objects which may have several geometries attached. The collision result does not have access to the actual triangle meshes of the geometries so to extract the actual contact location the user has to supply the triangles meshes of the geometries himself.

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