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DistanceStrategy.hpp File Reference
#include "ProximityStrategy.hpp"
#include <rw/core/ExtensionPoint.hpp>
#include <rw/core/Ptr.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Transform3D.hpp>


class  DistanceStrategy
 This is an interface that defines methods for computing the minimum distance between geometric objects. If geometry objects has been related to frames (see ProximityStrategy) then distance functions computing the distance between the geometry attached to frames can also be used. More...
struct  DistanceStrategy::Result
 DistanceResult contains basic information about the distance result between two sets of geometries. These geometry sets. More...
class  DistanceStrategy::Factory
 A factory for a DistanceStrategy. This factory also defines an ExtensionPoint. More...


 Deprecated namespace since 16/4-2020 for this class.
 Kinematic modelling.
 Interfaces for collision checking and distance calculation.