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GraspSubTask Class Reference

Describes a sub task of overall grasp task. More...

#include <GraspSubTask.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void addTarget (const rw::math::Transform3D<> &target)
void addTarget (const GraspTarget &target)
rw::math::QgetOpenQ ()
rw::math::QgetCloseQ ()
rw::math::QgetTauMax ()
void setOpenQ (const rw::math::Q &q)
void setCloseQ (const rw::math::Q &q)
void setTauMax (const rw::math::Q &q)
const rw::math::Transform3DgetOffset ()
void setRetract (const rw::math::Transform3D<> &t3d)
bool hasRetract ()
const rw::math::Transform3DgetRetract ()
void setApproach (const rw::math::Transform3D<> &t3d)
bool hasApproach ()
const rw::math::Transform3DgetApproach ()
void setRefFrame (const std::string &rframe)
std::string getRefFrame ()
GraspSubTask clone ()
 Clones the subtask copying everything except targets.
std::vector< GraspTarget > & getTargets ()
std::string getTaskID ()
void setTaskID (const std::string &ID)

Public Attributes

std::string refframe
std::string objectID
rw::math::Transform3D offset
rw::math::Transform3D approach
rw::math::Transform3D retract
rw::math::Q openQ
rw::math::Q closeQ
rw::math::Q tauMax
std::vector< GraspTargettargets
std::string taskID

Detailed Description

Describes a sub task of overall grasp task.

It is concerned with a specific way of grasping a single target object, describing:

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