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ProximityStrategyFCL::FCLProximityModel Struct Reference

Datatype to hold the proximity models. More...

#include <ProximityStrategyFCL.hpp>

Inherits ProximityModel.

Public Member Functions

 FCLProximityModel (ProximityStrategy *owner)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ProximityModel
 ProximityModel (ProximityStrategy *pOwner)
 Constructor. More...
std::vector< std::string > getGeometryIDs ()
 return vector of names for the geometries added to this ProximityModel
std::vector< rw::core::Ptr< rw::geometry::Geometry > > getGeometries ()
 get the associated Geometries More...
bool addGeometry (const rw::geometry::Geometry &geom)
 adds geometry More...
bool addGeometry (rw::core::Ptr< rw::geometry::Geometry > geom, bool forceCopy=false)
 adds geometry using pointer More...
bool removeGeometry (const std::string &geoid)
 removes a geometry from the ProximityModel More...
rw::kinematics::FramegetFrame ()
 return pointer to the associated frame
void setFrame (rw::core::Ptr< rw::kinematics::Frame > frame)
 sets the associated frame More...

Public Attributes

FCLModelList models
 Models holding the internal collision geometry.
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Additional Inherited Members

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typedef rw::core::Ptr< ProximityModelPtr
 smart pointer type to this class

Detailed Description

Datatype to hold the proximity models.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FCLProximityModel()

FCLProximityModel ( ProximityStrategy *  owner)


owner[in] the strategy owning this model.

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