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ConstraintEdge Class Reference

Public Types

enum  EdgeState {
  NewTouch , PersistentTouch , VanishingTouch , NewProximity ,
  PersistentProximity , VanishingProximity , Static
 edge states
enum  EdgeType { Logical , Structural , Geometric , Physical }
 Types of edges.

Public Member Functions

 ConstraintEdge (CNodePair n, EdgeType type, double touchDist, double penDist, double sepDist)
 Default constructor.
 ConstraintEdge (CNodePair n, EdgeType type, int id)
virtual ~ConstraintEdge ()
void setType (EdgeType type)
EdgeType getType () const
void setColor (unsigned char color)
unsigned char getColor () const
const CNodePairgetNodes () const
double getLastDistance () const
double getDistance () const
void setDistance (double dist)
bool isTouching () const
bool wasTouching () const
bool isObsolete () const
EdgeState getState () const
void setState (EdgeState state)
EdgeState getLastState () const
bool isPenetrating () const
bool wasSeperating () const
bool isSeperating () const
void rollBack ()
void saveState ()
void setResting (bool r)
bool isResting () const
void print ()
void printState (EdgeState state)
ContactgetContact ()
bool isDeleted ()
void setDeleted (bool del)
int getID ()
void setID (int id)
void setThresholds (double touch, double pen, double sep)

Public Attributes

void * data

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