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PrimArrayAccessor< PRIM > Struct Template Referenceabstract

Interface for accessing primitives. More...

#include <BVTree.hpp>

Public Types

typedef PRIM PRIMType
 Type of primitive.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~PrimArrayAccessor ()
virtual void getPrimitive (size_t pidx, PRIM &prim) const =0
 Get primitive. More...
virtual size_t getSize () const =0
 Get the number of primitives. More...

Detailed Description

template<class PRIM>
struct rw::proximity::PrimArrayAccessor< PRIM >

Interface for accessing primitives.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getPrimitive()

virtual void getPrimitive ( size_t  pidx,
PRIM &  prim 
) const
pure virtual

Get primitive.

pidx[in] id of primitive.
prim[out] the primitive.

Implemented in BVTreeFactory::TriMeshAccessor< T >, and BVTreeFactory::ShellAccessor< T >.

◆ getSize()

virtual size_t getSize ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the number of primitives.

the number of primitices.

Implemented in BVTreeFactory::ShellAccessor< T >, and BVTreeFactory::TriMeshAccessor< T >.

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