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BtRWCollisionAlgorithm::CreateFunc Struct Reference

Function for creating a BtRWCollisionAlgorithm. More...

#include <BtRWCollisionAlgorithm.hpp>

Inherits btCollisionAlgorithmCreateFunc.

Public Member Functions

 CreateFunc (rw::core::Ptr< const rwsim::contacts::ContactDetector > detector)
 New factory. More...
virtual ~CreateFunc ()
virtual btCollisionAlgorithm * CreateCollisionAlgorithm (btCollisionAlgorithmConstructionInfo &ci, const btCollisionObjectWrapper *body0Wrap, const btCollisionObjectWrapper *body1Wrap)
 Construct a new algorithm for a object pair. More...

Detailed Description

Function for creating a BtRWCollisionAlgorithm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CreateFunc()

New factory.

detector[in] the detector to use.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateCollisionAlgorithm()

virtual btCollisionAlgorithm* CreateCollisionAlgorithm ( btCollisionAlgorithmConstructionInfo &  ci,
const btCollisionObjectWrapper *  body0Wrap,
const btCollisionObjectWrapper *  body1Wrap 

Construct a new algorithm for a object pair.

ci[in] construction info for a btCollisionAlgorithm.
body0Wrap[in] information about the first bullet body.
body1Wrap[in] information about the second bullet body.
a pointer to the new algorithm.

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