Class FixedFrame

  • public class FixedFrame
    extends Frame
    FixedFrame is a frame for which the transform relative to the
    parent is constant.

    A fixed frame can for example be used for attaching a camera, say, with a
    fixed offset relative to the tool.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FixedFrame

        public FixedFrame​(long cPtr,
                          boolean cMemoryOwn)
      • FixedFrame

        public FixedFrame​(java.lang.String name,
                          Transform3D transform)
        A frame fixed to its parent with a constant relative transform
        of transform.

        name - [in] The name of the frame.
        transform - [in] The transform with which to attach the frame.
    • Method Detail

      • getCPtr

        public static long getCPtr​(FixedFrame obj)
      • delete

        public void delete()
        delete in class Frame
      • setTransform

        public void setTransform​(Transform3D transform)
        Sets the fixed transform of this frame.
        transform - [in] the new transformation of this frame
        Note: THIS IS NOT THREAD SAFE. If you need thread safety then use
        MovableFrame instead or make sure multiple threads are not using this
        frame when changing the transformation.
      • moveTo

        public void moveTo​(Transform3D refTtarget,
                           FramePtr refframe,
                           State state)
        Move the frame such that it is located with a relative transform refTtarget
        relative to refframe.
        refTtarget - [in] the transform relative to refframe .
        refframe - [in] the reference frame.
        state - [in] the state giving the current poses.
      • getFixedTransform

        public Transform3D getFixedTransform()
        get the fixed transform of this frame.