Class MinimumClearanceCalculator

  • public class MinimumClearanceCalculator
    extends ClearanceCalculator
    Implements a MinimumClearanceCalculator

    The minimum clearance is defined as the minimal distance between any two geometries, which
    are not excluded by the collision setup.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MinimumClearanceCalculator

        public MinimumClearanceCalculator​(long cPtr,
                                          boolean cMemoryOwn)
      • MinimumClearanceCalculator

        public MinimumClearanceCalculator​(DistanceCalculatorCPtr distancecalculator)
        Constructs a MinimumClearanceCalculator using the DistanceCalculator provided.

        Use this constructor to use an already existing DistanceCalculator

        distancecalculator - [in] The distance calculator to use
      • MinimumClearanceCalculator

        public MinimumClearanceCalculator​(WorkCellPtr workcell,
                                          State state)
        Constructs a MinimumClearanceCalculator for a workcell
        workcell - [in] WorkCell for which to calculate the minimum clearance
        state - [in] State of the workcell