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RobWorkStudioPlugin Class Reference

abstract interface for RobWork Studio plugins More...

#include <RobWorkStudioPlugin.hpp>

Inherits QDockWidget.

Inherited by GTaskVisPlugin, GraspTableGeneratorPlugin, PyPlugin, RWSimPlugin, RWSimulatorPlugin, SimTaskPlugin, SimTaskVisPlugin, SimUtilityPlugin, Jog, Lua, Planning, PlayBack, PropertyView, PyEditor, Sensors, ShowLog, TreeView, WorkcellEditorPlugin, EngineTestPlugin, and ATaskVisPlugin.

Public Slots

void showPlugin ()
 toggles the visibility of the plugin

Public Member Functions

 RobWorkStudioPlugin (const QString &name, const QIcon &icon)
 constructor of the plugin interface More...
virtual void initialize ()
 is called when RobWorkStudio instance is valid. Can be used to initialize values in the plugin that depend on RobWorkStudio More...
virtual void open (rw::models::WorkCell *workcell)
 called when a workcell is opened More...
virtual void close ()
 called when a workcell is being closed.
virtual QString name () const
 name that describe the plugin instance
virtual void setupMenu (QMenu *menu)
 sets up the menu with this plugin More...
virtual void setupToolBar (QToolBar *toolbar)
 setsup a toolbar with the actions of this plugin More...
virtual void setRobWorkStudio (RobWorkStudio *studio)
 sets the RobWorkStudio instance of the plugin. Normally only done on construction.
virtual RobWorkStudiogetRobWorkStudio ()
 returns a handle to the RobWorkStudio instance
virtual void setRobWorkInstance (rw::core::RobWork::Ptr robwork)
 Sets the RobWork instance to be used by the plugin. More...
virtual rw::core::RobWork::Ptr getRobWorkInstance ()
 Returns RobWork instance used by the plugin.
virtual rw::core::Loglog ()
 returns the RobWorkStudio log instance
virtual void setLog (rw::core::Log::Ptr log)
 Sets the log to use. More...
const rw::kinematics::StategetState ()
 get current state of RobWorkStudio
void setState (const rw::kinematics::State &state)
 set current state of RobWorkStudio

Protected Member Functions

boost::tuple< QWidget *, QAction *, int > getAction (QWidget *widget, const std::string &actionName)
 Find action in widget with name actionName . More...
boost::tuple< QWidget *, QMenu *, int > getMenu (QWidget *widget, const std::string &menuName)
 Find menu in widget with name menuName . More...
boost::tuple< QMenu *, QAction *, int > getAction (QWidget *widget, const std::string &actionName, const std::string &actionName2)
 Find action, actionName2, in menu, actionName, in a widget. More...

Protected Attributes

QAction _showAction
 ! More...
QString _name
 ! More...
 ! More...
rw::core::RobWork::Ptr _robwork
 ! More...
rw::core::Log::Ptr _log
 ! More...

Detailed Description

abstract interface for RobWork Studio plugins

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