Class JointControllerPtr

  • public class JointControllerPtr
    extends java.lang.Object
    Ptr stores a pointer and optionally takes ownership of the value.
    • Constructor Detail

      • JointControllerPtr

        public JointControllerPtr​(long cPtr,
                                  boolean cMemoryOwn)
      • JointControllerPtr

        public JointControllerPtr()
        Default constructor yielding a NULL-pointer.
      • JointControllerPtr

        public JointControllerPtr​(JointController ptr)
        Do not take ownership of ptr.

        ptr can be null.

        The constructor is implicit on purpose.
    • Method Detail

      • delete

        public void delete()
      • isShared

        public boolean isShared()
        check if this Ptr has shared ownership or none
        true if Ptr has shared ownership, false if it has no ownership.
      • isNull

        public boolean isNull()
        checks if the pointer is null
        Returns true if the pointer is null
      • getControlModes

        public long getControlModes()
        gets the control mode mask. Defines which types of control the JointController
      • setControlMode

        public void setControlMode​(JointController.ControlMode mode)
        sets the control mode of this JointController. If the mode
        is unsupported an exception is thrown
      • setTargetPos

        public void setTargetPos​(Q vals)
        sets the target joint value for the current control mode.
      • setTargetVel

        public void setTargetVel​(Q vals)
        sets the target velocity

        vals - [in] in m/s
      • setTargetAcc

        public void setTargetAcc​(Q vals)
        sets the target acceleration

        vals - [in] in m/s^2
      • getModel

        public Device getModel()
        get kinematic model of device that is controlled
      • getQ

        public Q getQ()
        return the current position of the controlled robot
      • getQd

        public Q getQd()
        return the current velocity