Class PathAnalyzer.JointSpaceAnalysis

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class PathAnalyzer.JointSpaceAnalysis
    extends java.lang.Object
    Result struct for joint space analysis
    • Constructor Detail

      • JointSpaceAnalysis

        public JointSpaceAnalysis​(long cPtr,
                                  boolean cMemoryOwn)
      • JointSpaceAnalysis

        public JointSpaceAnalysis()
        Constructs JointSpaceAnalysis struct initialized to zero.
    • Method Detail

      • delete

        public void delete()
      • setNodecount

        public void setNodecount​(double value)
        Number of nodes
      • getNodecount

        public double getNodecount()
        Number of nodes
      • setLength

        public void setLength​(double value)
        Total length in joint space
      • getLength

        public double getLength()
        Total length in joint space