Class PathAnalyzer

  • public class PathAnalyzer
    extends java.lang.Object
    The PathAnalyzer provides a set a basic tools for analyzing a path.

    Features in the PathAnalyzer include analysis of joint space, Cartesian space,
    estimation of execution time and measures for clearance. See more details in
    the result structs PathAnalyzer::JointSpaceAnalysis, PathAnalyzer::CartesianAnalysis,
    PathAnalyzer::TimeAnalysis and PathAnalyzer::ClearanceAnalysis.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PathAnalyzer

        public PathAnalyzer​(long cPtr,
                            boolean cMemoryOwn)
      • PathAnalyzer

        public PathAnalyzer​(DeviceCPtr device,
                            State state)
        Construct PathAnalyzer for a specific device

        device - [in] Device to be associated with the path
        state - [in] State of the workcell