Class CMDistCCPMeasure3D

  • public class CMDistCCPMeasure3D
    extends GraspQualityMeasure3D
    computes the quality as a function of the distance between
    the center of mass (COM) and the Center of the Contact Polygon (CCP)

    See ROA 3.2.3
    • Constructor Detail

      • CMDistCCPMeasure3D

        public CMDistCCPMeasure3D​(long cPtr,
                                  boolean cMemoryOwn)
      • CMDistCCPMeasure3D

        public CMDistCCPMeasure3D​(Vector3D CM,
                                  double maxDist)
        CM - [in] The center of mass of the object described in the grasp frame.
        maxDist - [in] The max dist between CM and CCP that is allowed.